Melissa has helped identify the things in my diet that kept the scale from moving in the right direction. After just a few conversations, she'd said, "it's those sneaky fats." After only a few short weeks of working with her learning what a balance plate looks like. I'm finally moving in the right direction and not feeling like I'm on a strict diet. She has provided me with resources for new recipes and helped me feel excited about cooking new things.
Melissa has provided me with the tools I need to manage my type 2 diabetes. She is awesome! She is super flexible and makes herself available for questions outside of appointment times. She provides the best cookbooks, resources to assist and advise. Her expertise has been a tremendous help to me.
Melissa is a passionate, talented clinician and communicator. She captures and shares key dietary and diabetes management info in easy to understand language. Partnering with her on our content marketing efforts has been a wonderful experience!
Thank you so much, Melissa, for your time and sharing your expertise with me today. Definitely, I learned some helpful information which I will put into practice. I enjoyed your knowledgeable, friendly, kind, non-judgemental approach, as well as, communicating in an easy to understand manner without medical jargon. Excellent! I look forward to experimenting with lots of these healthy recipes!
Incredibly knowledgeable, dedicated and supportive people like Melissa are hard to come by. Melissa expertly authored and reviewed numerous articles and downloadable patient resources on diabetes management topics for our website blog. I was particularly impressed by Melissa's passion and sensitivity in patient care.
Melissa has been a member of the Diabetes Dietetic Practice Group Social Media Committee for over two years. She has been reliable and dependable to post messages to the group's social media platforms about the latest trends and practice information for diabetes educators.
I can be resistant to change sometimes, wanting to eat what I want to eat, so it was a big step to start with Melissa. She allowed me to take the steps I was comfortable with, then she listened, she encouraged, and she repeated so many good nuggets. The first step to good health is beginning and then the next step is having someone like Melissa come alongside you who will be patient and provide the information you need to meet your goal. Thanks!
Melissa is wonderful to work with! She is so willing to share her knowledge and expertise with other dietitians. Melissa and I collaborate to offer excellent nutrition counseling and programs to several worksite groups and her attention to detail and follow through is top notch. She definitely goes above and beyond for her clients!
Melissa is an absolute joy to work with. Her knowledge and understanding in the world of diabetes, overall health and nutrition is world class. The value she can provide to any health organization is unmatched!