eat smart nutrition co.
  nutritional counseling and education

Specializing In:

• Diabetes education and meal planning solutions for adults & children
• Weight management for adults and children

grocery store tours Supermarket Tours Every week there are new foods on the grocery store shelf that can make eating healthy easier. An individual supermarket tour can give you ideas on how to make the best food choices to reach your health goals. A brand name grocery list is provided along with nutrition information related to your current health issue.
pantry assessment Healthy Kitchen Check-Up What foods are in your pantry and refrigerator? Home is a good place to start when making dietary changes. A Healthy Kitchen Check-Up evaluates the food in your home, and provides a personalized grocery list to help lead you to success.
individual consultations Individual Consultations A private consultation offers a personalized nutrition plan that will help you meet your health and nutrition goals. Clients are seen in my Huntersville office, or at their home or office.
The Eat Smart Nutrition Co. is a Blue Cross Blue Shield provider. We will verify your nutrition benefit for you. Many plans cover nutrition at 100% with zero co-pay.
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